Author Reading at FoCo Book Fest AND a New Bookstore for Super Me

I had my first reading on Saturday at the FoCo Book Fest in Fort Collins, CO!

There were lots of things going on with the Book Fest at various venues downtown on Oct 19th and the 20th, including writing workshops, a poetry reading,  book signings and best selling authors speaking–including the keynote speaker Andy Weir (who wrote the Martian and Artemis).

There was also a local author reading at the Art Lab on Saturday. It was an all day event  where local authors had a chance to share their work.

My slot was from 12:05-12:15. I read the first chapter of Super Me.



This was the first time I’d read from my novel  to a group. I was nervous! But a few friends showed up to the reading, the room was kind, and it ended up being a really great experience.

The chapter even got a few laughs, which was pretty awesome.

After the reading, I slipped across the street to a little bookstore called Indigo Rose Books. It’s upstairs above the clothing consignment shop.


And now, Super Me now has a new home!

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  1. I am so proud of you. Great job!

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