My good friend, Amy Giaquinto, is an award winning filmmaker and screen writer. When she approached me about doing an interview on local TV channel 8 about writing and publishing Super Me, I thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity! I also was wary–was this something I could actually do? It was definitely outside my comfort zone…. I’m so much more comfortable writing than I am speaking!

Well, we did it. I took a big ‘ol step outside of my zone and went for it.

This morning, we filmed the interview at Channel 8.

Amy produced and directed. She asked me questions and I did my best to answer cohesively! I also read the end of chapter one of Super Me–the awkward-funny and devastating scene in the coffee shop where Faye’s journey begins.

Here I am… on set! I *think* it went pretty well. Of course, I haven’t watched it yet…

During the interview I had a BIG announcement and I’m just bursting to share the news!

I’m working with another talented friend of mine–local artist, Laura Somers, to put together a picture book. I wrote the manuscript several years ago and she is currently working on illustrations. Berries for Bruno is about a bear who’s stuck in his ways and is forced to step out of his comfort zone and try new things. (I guess that’s the current theme, isn’t it?)

We will be publishing Berries for Bruno this year. I can’t wait!

Check out Amy’s facebook page, Guiaquinto Productions, and catch her new trailer for her hilarious short film, “Date Night In”. And stay tuned for book release news!