“Waiting”: A Poem




In the hospital,

I wait.

In the room

I wait.


In the middle

of the night,

I wait.

The nurses,

They go by.

They don’t stop.

Won’t tell me

About you.

If you’re okay.

Won’t tell me

If I’m okay.


How can I be okay

Without you?

I wait.

I tap and I wait.

I bounce my knee,

And I wait.

They called me.

An accident.

I came.

The world in a blur as I came.

Ran to you. Sped to you.

As fast as I could.

But, too late.

They said ‘wait”.

So, I sit. Tap. Bounce. Pray.

And I wait.

Without you.


I am here.


To find out if I am

Without you.

If I am forever


Longmont TV interview


My interview with my good friend, Amy Giaquinto, Giaquinto Productions,  will be airing soon! The interview discusses writing and publishing Super Me. At the end of the interview, I do a reading of the first chapter as well.


Friday, Feb 15th 12pm and 10pm

Saturday, Feb 16th 12pm

Sunday Feb 17th 12pm and 7pm

Monday Feb 18th 7pm

Wednesday Feb 19th 10am


You can also click this link to stream it live online! http://live.longmontchannel.com/

Authors We Love at the Longmont Library


The Longmont Public Library has an annual event called the “Authors We Love Series” where dozens of authors are set up all around the library with copies of their books to sign and for sale.

From the Longmont Public Library website: “Readers can browse from table to table, meeting authors, asking questions, and even buying books. There will be published authors of fiction, nonfiction, adult, children’s, and young adult books, plus genres and subjects galore.”

I have been given the opportunity to participate this year with my novel, Super Me! So come find me this Saturday, February 9th, from 1-3:30pm. Meet some fabulous local authors and discover some great new books.

An Interview and a Picture Book

My good friend, Amy Giaquinto, is an award winning filmmaker and screen writer. When she approached me about doing an interview on local TV channel 8 about writing and publishing Super Me, I thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity! I also was wary–was this something I could actually do? It was definitely outside my comfort zone…. I’m so much more comfortable writing than I am speaking!

Well, we did it. I took a big ‘ol step outside of my zone and went for it.

This morning, we filmed the interview at Channel 8.

Amy produced and directed. She asked me questions and I did my best to answer cohesively! I also read the end of chapter one of Super Me–the awkward-funny and devastating scene in the coffee shop where Faye’s journey begins.

Here I am… on set! I *think* it went pretty well. Of course, I haven’t watched it yet…

During the interview I had a BIG announcement and I’m just bursting to share the news!

I’m working with another talented friend of mine–local artist, Laura Somers, to put together a picture book. I wrote the manuscript several years ago and she is currently working on illustrations. Berries for Bruno is about a bear who’s stuck in his ways and is forced to step out of his comfort zone and try new things. (I guess that’s the current theme, isn’t it?)

We will be publishing Berries for Bruno this year. I can’t wait!

Check out Amy’s facebook page, Guiaquinto Productions, and catch her new trailer for her hilarious short film, “Date Night In”. And stay tuned for book release news!

500 Word Story: A Roll of the Dice

Please note: this story is a stand alone piece and has nothing to do with the young adult novel, Super Me, or A Super Series whatsoever. Just a little piece written from a writing prompt.

The prompt: Rolling the Dice. Sticking to my 500 word challenge, it is exactly 500 words.


-A Roll of the Dice-

It was a routine call…. nothing to be nervous about tonight. I cracked my knuckles looking, again, at the clock.

Five more minutes until midnight. Four.

How much longer would he make me wait? The dice had gone warm in my hands. I rolled them around, careful not to drop them. They clicked together in the otherwise silent house. I moved my shoulders, trying to loosen the grasp tension had on my neck. Two minutes until midnight. Maybe he wasn’t coming. No, he would.

The room was dark. Blinds closed. The room empty. I heard his steps before seeing his face. “You’re here,” he said, sounding almost surprised. Like he didn’t think I would show up. As if I had ever let him down.

“You’re late,” I answered.

“Made it before the bell.” He took this too lightly. If they knew how much he joked…

But he knew I’d never say anything. Anyway, we had a job to do and best get to it.

“Let’s just get this done,” I said, grabbing his gloved hand. Of course he would wear gloves. He was so dramatic. Probably had his cape on as well. I smiled to myself but made sure he didn’t see.

“Do you have the dice?” he asked me.

“What do you take me for, an amateur?” I snapped. Then took a breath. “Sorry, just a stressful week. Here.” I set one of the dice in his gloved palm. “Please don’t drop it.”

He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Instead, set his free hand over his die and closed his eyes, leaning back slightly. Feeling the moment.

I rolled my shoulders again. Blew out a breath and copied his stance, cupping my own die in my hands. I’d never wear gloves. Loved the feel of the dice heating up too much.

The clock struck. Then again. Again. I counted in my head along with the chimes, like I knew Grenaldo was. Ten. Eleven.

Following the twelfth bell, he cleared his throat.

I felt the die glowing in my palm. Yearned to peek but didn’t dare.

“Zanafran,” he said. “Aralduous. Abibulous. Braticine.”

“Zinique Cayan,” I said with him. I couldn’t help it. Almost felt his glare, but I ignored it.

The tingle up and down my forearms told me the spell had worked.

I silently counted to three then opened my eyes to meet his.

Together, we tossed the dice into the air.

When I flipped the light switch, I saw he’d worn not only his cape, but also a mask. I grinned to myself.

He blew out a breath. Brushed his hands together. “Let’s go before we’re found.”

“Agreed,” I answered.

I always stole a glance before leaving. Mine read six. His, a four. “We’ve an interesting year to look forward to,” I mused aloud.

“Ciara, you know it’s bad luck to peek.”

I laughed as we exited, slipping into the shadows of the alley and on to the next location.

A Fortune Keepers’ work is never done.


Check It Out… Literally

So I got the email from the Longmont Library the other day.

Yep, that thing I’ve been waiting for has finally happened.

They have catalogued Super Me!


I had to rush over and see for myself.

Sure enough, my book is now on the shelves of a PUBLIC LIBRARY in Longmont, Colorado.


You can find Super Me in TEEN NEW FICTION.

This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

Author Reading at FoCo Book Fest AND a New Bookstore for Super Me

I had my first reading on Saturday at the FoCo Book Fest in Fort Collins, CO!

There were lots of things going on with the Book Fest at various venues downtown on Oct 19th and the 20th, including writing workshops, a poetry reading,  book signings and best selling authors speaking–including the keynote speaker Andy Weir (who wrote the Martian and Artemis).

There was also a local author reading at the Art Lab on Saturday. It was an all day event  where local authors had a chance to share their work.

My slot was from 12:05-12:15. I read the first chapter of Super Me.



This was the first time I’d read from my novel  to a group. I was nervous! But a few friends showed up to the reading, the room was kind, and it ended up being a really great experience.

The chapter even got a few laughs, which was pretty awesome.

After the reading, I slipped across the street to a little bookstore called Indigo Rose Books. It’s upstairs above the clothing consignment shop.


And now, Super Me now has a new home!

First Book Signing–An Update

Last month was my first book signing!

I did a post a few weeks ago about how much I was looking forward to this event.


The Used Book Emporium on Main Street (who is selling Super Me!) invited me to set up a “Meet the Author” table during Longmont’s Art Walk on September 15th.

My husband and daughters came to support me and a few familiar faces stopped by to say hello. The Art Walk was in full swing and there was a ton of foot traffic.

Like a lot of writers, I would not label myself as outgoing. And, frankly, the idea of talking to random passersby about my novel made me a bit uncomfortable. But I’m glad I put myself out there anyway. It was an amazing experience and it ended up being so much fun. I met a lot of people, sold a few paperbacks and handed out a ton of business cards. I had lots of practice answering the question “What is your book about?” A simple question, but one that I’ve struggled a bit with–it’s difficult to sum up the story without giving too much away. This is why writing the book description was such a challenge! The experience actually led me to a redo of Super Me’s description and I think that it is much more clear now.

And a clear idea of what a book is about is important when you’re trying to decide if you want to read it!

My favorite part of this event was when people walked up and asked if I wrote this book.

And I could answer, “Yes, I did!”



500 Word Story: Trouble

Please note: this story is a stand alone piece and has nothing to do with the young adult novel, Super Me, or A Super Series whatsoever. Just a little piece written from a writing prompt. The prompt: A Police Encounter. Sticking to my 500 word challenge, is exactly 500 words. Here’s what I came up with:




I was driving my Chevy on the county road, stuck behind a beater puttering along slow as can be. It was kicking up clouds of dust at me and I was grinding my teeth and gripping that wheel so tight my knuckles went white. My head was already in a spin and that was the last thing I needed.


The first time I saw her… when she walked in the bar the night before, I knew I was in trouble. Me and Alicia played some pool, had some fun, and she stayed over. Thought everything was fine ‘til morning when everything changed. It happened just like that, over nothing.

I guess I shouldn’t have laughed at her, but she looked so cute when she got angry. Guess I shouldn’t have told her that either ‘cause that’s when she grabbed her stuff. Said she was leaving. I’d tried to pull her back to talk about it, but she gave me that look that said she weren’t playing.

I thought the whole thing was funny ‘til it wasn’t. Left me scratching my head, watching her drive off down the road and out of my life. It was like a punch to the gut.


So, being stuck on that dang road behind that dang idiot that afternoon was the last thing I needed. Felt like he was doing it on purpose just to get a rise out of me, trying to make me later than I already was. That’s how I saw it anyhow. And that cigarette butt he threw out the window… when that landed on my windshield? That was the end of it, far as I was concerned. My left eye started twitching and all I was seeing was red.

Ten years I’ve been driving down that road. Never once before saw a cop on it, not ever. Not until the one time I lose my cool. I’m a decent guy. Not a single tick on my record. Turns out, that don’t matter too much when it comes right down to it.

I guess I shouldn’t have raced up next to that car. Guess I shouldn’t have rammed into it with the side of my truck. And I know I should have pulled over quicker when the trooper’s lights flashed at me.

But, I was too busy thinking about how hard dating was. That I might just give it all up ‘cause women are crazy. When we woke up that morning, I told her to get her makeup on to cover her morning face and to go make us some breakfast quick. Thought we could spend the day together.


I was ready to tell that officer off soon as he got to my car. I guess Alicia never did tell me what she did for a living and last thing I expected was for her to be the one to get out of that cop car.

Turns out, I was right from the beginning. ‘Cause I was in trouble, all right.

Exciting things are happening at the Used Book Emporium in Longmont

This is the Used Book Emporium.


It is a pretty great little bookstore on Main Street in downtown Longmont, Colorado. It is also the first brick and mortar store to officially sell Super Me in paperback!

A few days after leaving copies of my book with them, a friend of mine happened to stop by the store.

She sent me this photo:


And my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it. That’s my book being displayed in the store’s window. Meaning, people walking along downtown Longmont could just glance over and see the book that I wrote in the window of a bookstore.

But wait, there’s more.

The owners of the Used Book Emporium have asked me to do a “Meet the Author” table next Saturday during some events going on in Downtown Longmont. The last Artwalk of the season is happening that evening (local artists, live music, and family-friendly fun) as well as a “Word Walk” where word-related fun is to be had at various downtown locations such as a story times, riddles and word games, etc. as well as calligraphy bookmark crafting at the Used Book Emporium. I will have a table set up outside of the bookstore for a couple of hours that evening with copies of my novel to sell and to sign.

This is my first book signing! I’m thrilled. And nervous. But mostly thrilled. My husband Mike, always having my back, always believing in me, created a poster to display at the event (it stands on an easel and it looks pretty darn amazing), as well as business cards that I can’t wait to hand out.

The business cards alone are worth celebrating. These little slips of paper hold so much meaning for me. On them, I declare myself an author. And I declare my writing a business. This, seemingly small thing matters so much. It is taking myself seriously as a writer. It is saying that I believe in this. That I can do this. These are all big steps and I am excited about embracing them.

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